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And so it’s still happening. And I’m wandering up to see Lonecat tomorrow, which should be fairly high definitions of fun.

Today, however, was Not Fun. I got a letter.

Dear Student

Said this letter, incorrectly. Did I mention this letter is from Sunderland University? This letter is from Sunderland University.

Dear Student,
Please disregard the previous letter, these are the *real* dates you should come back for.

There has been no previous letter.

This is either a mistake (10/10 for optimism, Aquarion, top of the class and jump off), Or I missed the letter that said I’ve failed the assignment I had to complete to get my HND. And, TBH, I don’t think I can survive another year up there. And it *would* be a year. And I know that this Freelance thing I do means it doesn’t really matter *where* I am to do the work, Sunderland is the opposite side of the frigging country from here and, more importantly, from LoneCat.

Two years living within half an hour of each other, and we get together when we both leave. Or when she does leave, and I think I have).

The temptation is, of course, to take the modules completed and try to cash it in for something similer nearer home, basically to try and complete the module somewhere else. But I don’t know if I can do this. But first, of course, I have to phone or contact in some way Sunderland University, just to make sure I have fucked this up properly.

And continue to hope it’s all a mistake.

Their’s, this time, not mine.

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