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ITE Giraffe: Think I passed. Hope I passed. One giraffe left

Problem: Dispite one of my group (I refuse to call us a Team anymore) seeming to have a death wish (Who is probably reading this now, Hi) to escalate this even *further* into the brown sludge than it already is, The ‘problem’ has been resolved, and is a function of our group not reading the doucmentation properly. I assumed that the forms we were to use to assess ourselves and each other were confidential. They were not. In fact, we were supposed to have a large discussion about who should be given what. Because we not only did not do this, but did it instead in a way that two members claim they were judged unfairly, we now have to hold that meeting in front of the course leader.

For definitions of “Bugger” see above. This meeting now holds the ability to make us fail this module (Which, if failed, would cause all 11 of us to be made to repeat the module, and thus remain here for another year.) That meeting is on Friday, and will be after the exam. I refuse to worry about it until then

Little Miss Artistic. lonecat has scaned and placed online her renditions of #afpeople as Mr Men and Little Misses. Mr Aquarion is here, The rest can be found here.

I’ve also updated the portal too. Industrious day 🙂

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