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Klind’s Excessivly Wonderful Links System has had an upgrade. The main result of this is the little box on the right hand side. If you have a link you think we would like, put it in there, and it will go into the database. A message will be sent to me, and if I agree it goes into the Cool section.

This is nice, wonderful, and is part of the Great And Wonderful Interactification Of Aquarionics. For more stuff, Watch this space


@aquarionics.com email seems to be having a few problems ATM. The Server Admin is working on it, and suspects it’s at least partly due to the NIMDA worm that is currently crippling the internet. Arn’t security holes wonderful? Damn Microsoft and all their crackpot systems. Including the one I’m working on 🙂

Other Stuff

Lonecat 2.0 is live, Go see 🙂

In other Other News, LC moves to Bath tomorrow. Yay of much negitive yayness.

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