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So, Podcasts then.

I hate, with a passion unholy, the name Podcasting. I think it’s a horrible name, a terrible attempt at a neolism, and it annoys me that I’m against the combined forces of the bloggers of the world in attempting to get it wiped of the face of the blogosphere.

But everyone is doing podcasts, from the Barenaked Ladies though to John Cleese and the BBC’s The Now Show. So far, so bandwaggony. We can do better than that.

How about a metapodcast?

Because the LUGRadio Gents produce a podcast every other week (Well, mostly, they’re “on a break” right now, which means they can sleep with other podcasts and it becomes a running theme for the next six seasons), which contain their opinions and thoughts. So, it was thought (By Xalior) that we could get four members of the LR community together to, basically, witter on about our opinions on the last episode of LR and what they talked about, and throw our own unique blend of bullshit onto the steaming pile already covering the subject.

Our? Yes, for they (Xalior, Neuro and Dotwaffle) invited me to be a presenter. Fools, for they know not the evil they loose when they give me a microphone and a soapbox to stand on. Mwa ha ha ha ha.

So yes, we’ve done a test episode, based on the LUGRadio Live and Unleashed episode that was recorded at LUGRadio Live a few weeks ago, and should you wish to inflict this upon your unfortunate ears, you can do so at The Hashlugradio Website

And may you be forgiven.

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