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The Eosian Council 10

Am back from The Eosian Council 10.

tEC is the name for a series of the UK -based contingent of’ meetings. The definition of a tEC varies from person to person, but the basic format is that the group hires a house (usually a youth hostel) for a weekend, and spends it playing games, doing quizes, bitching about Eddings’ more recent output (You do not need to comment here with "I like eddings but he writes the same story a lot!!!!". Really) doing music quizes and generally being social with people.

Also, it ends up being my first non-larp pre-planned weekend away this year.

My very first ever experience of meeting people I’d met over the internet in real life was the tEC 2 prelude meet in London, followed the day after by tEC2 itself, which was nine years and a bit ago, which is faintly scary, which was at a beautiful cottage turned into a YH in Badby. There we got ambushed a bit by the local radio station (This was back in July 1999, and tinpot internet communities were newsworthy) . The venerable Aquarius is still hosting the MP3 of the resulting interview, and also there is the MP3 David Eddings sent us on how to pronounce things badly.

This years event – the first in about four years, after the community disolved quite a bit – was in a glorious rambling holiday home near Tiverton in Devon that would comfortably sleep 22 (there were twelve of us) and had an open fire and a massive kitchen and was, basically, the house I would build if I become rich and not-living-in-london. Upsides include no internet and patchy mobile coverage. Not good for a home, but perfect for a weekend away.

There was good food, good company, beer and games, and I generally had a fabulous weekend.

How was yours?

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Great author humbled

David Eddings burns down his office

Next week he intends to do the same thing, but with different names.

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Pastas Wager

Ian Darling, despite his blogging software’s awful permalinks, has successfully proven that the Flying Spagetti Monster exists and therefore should be worshiped himself in some form.

For fun, and obviously, prophet.

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Bad days

Distressingly, the Badby youth hostel is going to close. Badby was the site of my very first proper ‘meet weird people off the internet’ thing (Where I met Aquarius, Khendon and various other people for the first time).

Sold it off for housing.

Bastards. And I want one of those houses.

(News via Khendon)

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So, I’ve been busy, somewhat.

Went to LUGRadio Live in Wolverhampton the weekend before last, which was a wonderful weekend spent geeking, playing, drinking, taking advantage of the hotel’s wifi, and yet more geeking. Other people have written better reports

The week was spent doing little, writing a bit and playing City of Heroes and GTA:San Andreas. My holiday.

Friday I toddled off to Durham for tEC Durham 2, which contained more talking, more geekary, more drinking, singing along to Buffy: The Musical. There are photos.

Then I came home and slept for 14 hours. I was very tired.

Otherwise, things are quiet on Planet Aquarion

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Back from tEC. Drank lots, slept little, played games, talked. Fun.

Also pulled muscles in both arms by trooping around Durham (which has excessive amounts of hills) with a rucksack that was far too heavy. lifting things painful. Expect lack of typing for next day or so.


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Stress and the Cheesecake

Today has been stressful.

This evening a thing that I do has fallen from the ranks of “Fun” to “Why do I do this” to “Take my ball and go home” in a matter of about seven minutes, because of which we didn’t get out of the house in time to see Troy (We’ll go tomorrow) and so instead of sitting relaxed in a cinema seat going “Oh my god he’s girly”, I’m making Cheesecake. I like making Cheesecake, it’s antistressful. Actually, I like cookery in general, and writing up recipies even more. In case you’ve missed this particular (and one of my favourite) facets of the Aquarionics Empire, I will remind you of the various Recipish things that have happened.

Tomorrow there will be another.

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Yesterday I redesigned the statistics page for the IdleRPG game I mentioned below. It went from something resembling this to its current form in about half an hour.

Meanwhile people on the channel the page is about were attempting to use the page: (I point out that I didn’t read a single word of this until I come in at the end of this log)

[15:53] DATE: Mon Apr 12
[15:53] Stephen: eeek, what the fuck has Aquarion done to the website?
[15:53] Tasie: stephen, how much time to level for you?
[15:53] Tasie: since, yes, the site is buggered, and i can’t tell 🙂
[15:53] Stephen: the table has got HUGE all of a sudden
[15:53] Ghworg: i wish the stats werent broke, i could compare my equipment total with everyone else
[15:54] Stephen: yeah, stats appears very broken
[15:54] Stephen: Tasie: 1day 10:14
[15:54] Stephen: 10 days, 06:22:05
[15:54] Stephen: if you look at the website
[15:55] Stephen: what is he doing to the website?
[15:55] Tasie: 1day, 4:31:46 for me
[15:55] Stephen: I’m sure it will be lovely when he gets finished of course, but still
[15:55] Tasie: yes, wheenver he gets finished
[15:55] Tasie: it is awfully huge, right now, isn’t it
[15:56] Tasie: i think he may be tryign to make it easier to follow which line is you, since the table’s so wide
[15:56] Ghworg: its got colours now
[15:56] Tasie: at least, that’s why i’d be using colors like that
[15:56] Ghworg: and it highlights when you click
[15:56] Tasie: and now the table’s lost its lines. i kind of preferred it better with them 🙂
[15:56] Ghworg: doesnt unhighlight though, so mines all blue now 🙂
[15:57] Ghworg: its changing by the second, wtf is he doing? 🙂
[15:57] Stephen: hmm, I like the alternating colours
[15:58] Stephen: while he’s at it, maybe he’ll allow sorting by the Mesg Bonus field
[15:59] Tasie: and they’re back again, hooray
[15:59] Tasie: it’s kind of neat watching it change every few minutes 🙂
[15:59] Tasie: i wouldn’t’ve used yellow as the alternate color.. a nice lavender, maybe, or spring green. yellow’s kind of sickly, tho
[15:59] Stephen: I think I prefer the solid borders, yes…
[15:59] Ghworg: maybe he can make it theme-able 🙂
[15:59] Stephen: nonono, I like the yellow
[16:00] Stephen: leave the yellow, please
[16:00] Tasie: couldn’t compromise on a cheery yellowy-green?
[16:00] Stephen: ah, the TTL is back to correct again I think
[16:01] Stephen: Tasie: no, I really quite like the yellow. Maybe he can make your line a cheery purple or something
[16:01] Tasie: that would be nice 🙂
[16:01] Tasie: yeah, the ttl looks right again
[16:01] Tasie: it’s a shame some of those columns have to be so wide, just because the header is. makes the whole table so awfully big
[16:01] Tasie: maybe he could shorten the header names
[16:02] Stephen: you’re never going to make it fit in a screen width anyway
[16:02] Tasie: like, lvl instead of level
[16:02] Tasie: no, but closer couldn’t hurt
[16:02] Stephen: it’s fine with those headers
[16:02] Ghworg: at least make the titles on 2 rows
[16:02] Ghworg: ooh javascript errors
[16:03] Ghworg: has it always had javascript on the page or is that new?
[16:03] Stephen: ooh, I like that I can select and highlight a line
[16:03] Stephen: Ghworg: I don’t recall there ver being any before now
[16:03] Tasie: just the poor ‘online’ column looks so empty, since the values are never going to be any bigger than three characers 🙂
[16:03] Tasie: Ghworg: no.. probably just mid-change, try again in a monent
[16:03] Ghworg: and they unhighlight again now, but you cant highlight it again then 🙁
[16:03] Stephen: ooh, clicking on the line again removes the colour. Bloody nice designing
[16:04] Stephen: Ghworg: you can here
[16:04] Tasie: ooooh
[16:04] Tasie: click-on-click-off
[16:04] Ghworg: can now
[16:04] Tasie: nice
[16:04] Ghworg: this is FUN 🙂
[16:04] Stephen: makes a wide table like that SOOOO much easier to read IMO. Very nice little touches
[16:04] idl: Edaemus died, temporarily… This terrible calamity has slowed them 0 days, 00:03:40 from level 25.
[16:04] idl: Edaemus reaches next level in 0 days, 00:56:16.
[16:05] Ghworg: the bot is dead, all hail the bot
[16:05] Ghworg: ~karma idl
[16:05] Edaemus: idl has karma -1.
[16:05] Stephen: no, don’t like that as much…now clicking only removes the yellow
[16:05] Ghworg: yuck, bring back the blue!
[16:06] Tasie: do you suppose Aq’n is paying attention to any of this as he goes? 🙂
[16:06] Stephen: and you can’t reclick to turn it on now either
[16:06] Stephen: Tasie: who knows…probably not. Does it really matter? 🙂
[16:06] Ghworg: i doubt it Tasie
[16:06] Ghworg: he might have a laugh when h comes back and reads this 🙂
[16:06] Tasie: just funny, tho. if he’s not, and yet he’s doing what we tell him to anyway 🙂
[16:06] Stephen: well, he is a sensible lad
[16:07] Ghworg: for small values of sensible
[16:07] Tasie: he must be doing something with that highlighting, cuz now message windows pop up when you click on lines
[16:07] Stephen: ah, there are debugging dialog boxes now
[16:07] Stephen: clever of him
[16:07] Tasie: altho i do believe he misspelled ‘off’ 🙂
[16:07] Stephen: I wish I were even 5% as good at web design as he is
[16:08] Tasie: which is silly, tho, cuz they were working just fine before. why he needs to check them now..
[16:08] Stephen: Tasie: no, even/odd refer to the number of the line
[16:08] Ghworg: i do by web design by stealing other peoples sites and adding y own content 🙂
[16:08] Tasie: yeah, i’m probly about .00327% as good as he is. sad, really
[16:08] Tasie: are you sure, stephen?
[16:08] Stephen: Tasie: yes
[16:08] Tasie: ‘was odd, now highlighted’ when you click the first time. ‘was highlighted, now odd’ when you click again
[16:09] Ghworg: i dont get debug boxes here
[16:09] Tasie: if you s/dd/ff/, that makes perfect sense
[16:09] Stephen: Tasie: what he’s doing is making sure that they go BACK to their odd/even status (even lines are shaded yellow) after you unhighlight them
[16:09] Stephen: Tasie: if you try it on an even line, you’ll see
[16:09] Tasie: ahh, ok, you’re right. i must’ve just managed to test on only odd lines 🙂
[16:10] Stephen: although the top line (line 1) isn’t working quite right
[16:10] Stephen: the rest of them appear to be though
[16:10] Tasie: (it’s that yellow. i never have liked yellow. i probly tried subconsciously to get rid of it)
[16:10] Ghworg: its really fun watching the development process from the other side for once 🙂
[16:10] * Senji congratulates Tasie and Stephen for reaching 40…
[16:10] Stephen: Ghworg: yep. It’s bloody rapid though
[16:10] Stephen: heya Senji. You might want to login at some point
[16:11] Ghworg: Stephen: Oh yes, I have done this in the past, but not for more than 15 mins or so
[16:11] Stephen: you’re now a bit over 2 days behind
[16:11] Tasie: morning Senji. log in and catch up 🙂
[16:11] Stephen: Ghworg: yeah, fascinating to watch
[16:11] Tasie: just don’t catch up wtih stephen. i don’t need the stress 😛
[16:11] Stephen: aha! Line 1 is now working again properly
[16:11] Ghworg: ah, the debug boxes have shown up here aswell now
[16:12] Stephen: Ghworg: he’s working so fast you need to refresh often
[16:12] Stephen: it really is quite impressive IMO
[16:12] Tasie: i must say, i don’t like the debug boxes. i knwo they’ll goa way, but for the time being they’re just slgihtly irritating 🙂
[16:12] Ghworg: yeah, its amazing what you can do when there is no compile time 🙂
[16:12] Stephen: 🙂
[16:13] Stephen: ah, the blue colour highlighting is back, and working (except on line 1)
[16:13] Stephen: where the same problem is persisting
[16:13] Ghworg: Tasie: You cant fix things until you understand whats broken
[16:13] Tasie: grr.. i want the pc to finish defragging at least the C drive, so i can put things back the way there were and go to sleep!
[16:13] Ghworg: wow, seems to all work now.
[16:13] Tasie: (i have to put things back cuz Joe’ll get snippy if they’re not=
[16:13] Ghworg: wonder if he has more planned
[16:14] Stephen: yep, highlighting works perfectly everywhere but Tasie’s line
[16:14] Stephen: Ghworg: never ask a great artist what he has planned 🙂
[16:14] Tasie: Ghworg: yeah, i know. but since it’s not useful to me since i’m not debugging it, it’s just minorly annoying 🙂
[16:14] Aquarion: Stephen: If you double click it breaks it completely
[16:14] Stephen: ah, line 1 works correctly again now 🙂
[16:14] Stephen: Aquarion: not here it doesn’t
[16:15] Stephen: double clicking does the right thing here
[16:15] Ghworg: double-click works fine here
[16:15] Aquarion: Stephen: Aha, Well it did 🙂
[16:15] Stephen: Aquarion: by the way, we’re very impressed to watch an artist at work 🙂
[16:15] Aquarion: I know, I’ve been reading scrollback
[16:15] * Ghworg agrees

afe Humour Imported From Epistula


[15:07] {Mandorallen} bored
[15:22] {Aquarion} Have a tap.
[15:22] {Aquarion} And a potato
[15:24] {Aquarion} Now you can be chip-bored and water-bored.
[15:24] {Stephen} DIE!
[15:24] {Aquarion} no 🙂

[15:31] * Khendon chops Mandorallen in half
[15:32] {Mandorallen} Oi!
[15:33] {Mandorallen} whyfor?
[15:33] {Khendon} So you won’t be providing lunch
[15:33] * Khendon puts Mandorallen back together and multiplies him by twenty
[15:33] {Mandorallen} eh?
[15:34] {Khendon} I was running with Aquarion’s joke
[15:34] {Mandorallen} oh
[15:35] {Aquarion} half board
[15:35] {Khendon} Yeah. And…?
[15:35] {Khendon} The second one is less obscure, really
[15:36] {Aquarion} Can’t see the second one at all
[15:36] {Khendon} “Scoreboard”
[15:36] {Aquarion} Ahh

[15:35] {Aquarion} Could be worse, could have sent him around a running track
[15:37] {Khendon} Lapboard? I’m not sure what one of those is, but it probably exists.
[15:37] {Aquarion} Circuit Board.
[15:38] {Khendon} Ahhh

[15:42] * Khendon moves him to the right-hand side
[15:42] {Aquarion} rightboard?
[15:42] {Khendon} Starboard!
[15:42] {Aquarion} Ahh
[15:43] * Mandorallen cries
[15:43] {Khendon} He ought to be invoiced for all these puns
[15:43] * Aquarion folds him into a paper plane, and throws him though the window
[15:44] {Khendon} (billboard!)
[15:44] {Khendon} No, can’t get that one 🙂
[15:45] {Khendon} Flyboard?
[15:45] {Khendon} Isn’t “board” a funny looking word?
[15:45] {Aquarion} (Dart-bored and out-bored)
[15:46] {Khendon} Ahh, clever

[15:46] * Khendon dresses him up in women’s clothing and hits him with a whip
[15:47] {Khendon} Hm, the first one there isn’t quite right
[15:47] {Khendon} (“Skirting board”)
[15:47] {Aquarion} Ahh
[15:48] {Aquarion} I’d have put him in a kilt for that 🙂
[15:48] {Khendon} Better, yeah 🙂
[15:48] {Khendon} The second was switchboard, btw
[15:48] {Aquarion} Heh 🙂
[15:50] {Aquarion} I think I’ve run out. Last one I could think of is “peg board” or possibly painting him green and launching him into the sky, but both are scraping the barrel slightly
[15:50] {Aquarion} (Thunderbored two, obviously)

[15:52] {Khendon} We could make him run quickly
[15:53] {Aquarion} Sprintboard?
[15:53] {Khendon} Dashboard
[15:53] {Khendon} Ooh, or make him indecisively between two countries (more complex, this one)
[15:53] {itagne} Make him do what indecisively? 🙂
[15:54] {Aquarion} immigration bored?
[15:54] {Khendon} make him be indecisively between two countries
[15:54] {Senji} Diplomacy board?
[15:54] {Khendon} “Board, err”
[15:54] {Aquarion} Argh
[15:54] {itagne} Euw. 🙂
[15:54] * Senji throws rotted fruit at Khendon

[15:54] {Aquarion} Or we could give him complete control over a market
[15:54] {Khendon} Monopoly board
[15:55] {itagne} Or make him write a book comparing small boarding-houses.
[15:56] {Khendon} ?
[15:56] {itagne} Pensions review board. 🙂
[15:57] {Khendon} Put him in an underwater boat!
[15:57] {Khendon} (Getting very tenuous now 🙂
[15:57] {itagne} No, don’t see it. 🙂
[15:57] {itagne} Man overboard? :p
[15:57] {Khendon} In-sub-bored-inate
[15:57] {itagne} Oh dear. 🙂