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Am back from The Eosian Council 10.

tEC is the name for a series of the UK -based contingent of alt.fan.eddings’ meetings. The definition of a tEC varies from person to person, but the basic format is that the group hires a house (usually a youth hostel) for a weekend, and spends it playing games, doing quizes, bitching about Eddings’ more recent output (You do not need to comment here with "I like eddings but he writes the same story a lot!!!!". Really) doing music quizes and generally being social with people.

Also, it ends up being my first non-larp pre-planned weekend away this year.

My very first ever experience of meeting people I’d met over the internet in real life was the tEC 2 prelude meet in London, followed the day after by tEC2 itself, which was nine years and a bit ago, which is faintly scary, which was at a beautiful cottage turned into a YH in Badby. There we got ambushed a bit by the local radio station (This was back in July 1999, and tinpot internet communities were newsworthy) . The venerable Aquarius is still hosting the MP3 of the resulting interview, and also there is the MP3 David Eddings sent us on how to pronounce things badly.

This years event – the first in about four years, after the community disolved quite a bit – was in a glorious rambling holiday home near Tiverton in Devon that would comfortably sleep 22 (there were twelve of us) and had an open fire and a massive kitchen and was, basically, the house I would build if I become rich and not-living-in-london. Upsides include no internet and patchy mobile coverage. Not good for a home, but perfect for a weekend away.

There was good food, good company, beer and games, and I generally had a fabulous weekend.

How was yours?

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