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Hullo, oh long suffering peoples. See? I do update occasionally.

Lonecat has gone to Bath. This is Bad, Sad and other words ending in ad. Nevermind, In Bath she’ll get a clean start…


So I’ve been working, hard, at the stuff I’m being paid for, and even harder at impossible databases that I won’t get paid for, except in the sence that people might look at and say “That bloke’s a Genius! Hire Him!” which is, frankly, unlikly. So nothing is happening. I’ve passed my diploma, and am now on the “What the fuck do I do now?” cycle. Because I don’t know. I have this database to finish, I have a couple of websites to design. Should I remain freelance? Should I sell my soul to a corperation? Should I go back into training to become more qualified? Can I afford to do the last one? Can I afford to do the *first* one?

So I do nothing instead. That seems easier.

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