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It’s been one year since DNA died.

I haven’t bought the ‘new’ book, because all it contains is stuff previously published, but scattered, and stuff (the Salmon Of Doubt of the title) that wasn’t ready for publishing, and I don’t want to encourage publishers to raid authors computers for scraps to publish.

So I leave you with an article I posted mid-june 2000 on alt.fan.douglas-adams:

The big news is the new book, apparently called the “Sardine of Speculation”,
UK-ISDN 0552137030, it features the crew of the Heart of Gold re-united (minus
Marvin) hiring Dirk Gently to find the paranoid android in another time-stream
where he still remembers whatever it was that was printed on Arther’s Brain-wave
patterns back in the Stunt-ship.

The form of the novel will start with Arther throwing himself off a cliff in
order to see his life flash before his eyes to try to remember the exact
co-ordinates specified to him by an Elevator in a ship that crashed into his
cottage on it’s maiden voyage, saving the Vogons the trouble of demolishing it
in the first place.

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