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Aquarionics is Moving.

I’d guess that most of you know this already, but for the others, Aquarionics is moving to pol’s Geekstuff.co.uk server, where it will be happy for a while.

In doing this, the server will go down for a while whilst I recode Aquarionics to work with PHP 4.2.0, which is what is on the server, bits will be going up slowly (Static content before dynamic, probably) although most of the newest bits (Afphrid2-beta and the next paragraph) will work straight off…

The Gallery has been recoded in PHP, now automatically detecting images, thumbnails, captions, colors and descriptions. It’s all Very Cool, so go look. I’ve even uploaded a new gallery, the photos from the Sunderland Drama Soc production of Stags and Hens as produced last year. tEC & CCDE pictures will move here soonish.

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