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No, the previous post does not mean I’m splitting up with LoneCat. I’m not. That poem was written at least a year before me and her got together, and was posted to the Creative Writing section of the site.

People reading via LJ are apologised to, since they can’t even see the categories. People reading by RSS should be reading via something that supports categories and slash:section.


Okay, what happened: After I posted the entry below (which is the poem Game Over) people assumed it was a real thing. This would be the differance between Articles, Journal and Writing, for those who were asking last week. Everything in Writings is fictional, which is why it is there and not in Articles or the Journal. This would be one of the problems with the great “Realism in Blogs” debate.

Anyhue, People lept to the conclusion that it was real, and it isn’t, and people sent me emails and messages of condolance, and it still isn’t real. Livejournal doesn’t carry the difference between Journal and Writings, and they wouldn’t have got Cathy’s comment that prompted me to repost the lymerick based poem. RSS 0.9 feeds now contain the posting section as part of the title, which is inelegant, but will stop this happening again.

Once again, Yeash.

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