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You wanted lymericks?…

Game Over.

I’ve had enough. In fact, I’m though.
Relationship over, for you.
My life is a falsehood.
Your promises no good.
I told her, Game over, we’re though.

It started, god is it a year?
It always seemed less than that here,

The valentines meal.
Confessed how I feel.
Stars above, Confess love, never fear.

I never expected replys,
I expected a fobbing with lies
With no second date.
resigned to my fate.
To be lonely, with only goodbyes.

And thus was the courtship begun,
The jokes and the games and the fun.
The bright summer fair,
just you and I there.
And suprises and prizes I won.

And then we proceed to last week.
When somone decided to speak.
And tell me the girl

put me in a swirl
Was seen – and obscene – with James Deek.

I never could tell her I knew.
My heart now just shattered in two.
So I just said it streight:
It’s not love now, It’s hate.
And the tears, and the fears, followed though.

I still cannot possibly see,

how I thought that that girl could love me.
Her top social classes
Me with geek-like glasses
Couldn’t last. Didn’t pass. Couldn’t be.

And so I am back to square one.
As if I had never begun.
Stuck all alone,
Back in single zone.
Never care. Isn’t fair. Antifun.

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