Dark Light

I’ve read 30 of the Top 100 books. I can’t help but wonder, though, why Harry Potter I – IV is four books, where LoTR & His Dark Materials et. al. get condensed into one?

Still no ADSL. Still got squatters, though now have bed, thus one out of three.

The world is conspiring to keep my offline, so I have sought refuge in West Wing DVDs (Which is a fantastic series), Tropico 2 games, and experiments in PSP.

For some reason I’m not pinging blo.gs this month. Why escapes my leet hacker skillz for now, so I’ll sort that out when I’m back properly.

Oh, and I’ve got LoneCat playing Dungeon Siege, though since it only works on my computer and not hers, this may be a tactical error on my part…

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