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I’m having something of a bad brain day. unable to concentrate on any one thing for more than fifteen minutes or so, which is annoying.

My LARP character, Panama, has gained a ring. He’s also gained some costume and broaches and a few other odds and ends to make him actually exist, but in this case the important thing is the ring, which is currently sitting on the middle finger of my right hand. I’m amazed at how much difference wearing it makes to my typing. On the other hand, it isn’t a small ring.

I’ve been playing Oblivion, slightly shocked that it works at all on my system, allbeit at 640*480 with grass popping up out of nowhere as my horse comes within twenty metres. So far I’ve been arrested twice for clicking on the wrong thing, and been recruited as an assassin for killing the – no word of a lie – leapt out in front of my fireball.

Talking of leaping out, I’d quite like to know why the bandits I encounter are far more interested in killing my horse than the armed bloke hitting them in the back with a sword. The problem with games getting ever-more clever is the bits where they aren’t become even more glaringly obvious.

Also, the game deals incredibly badly with running out of disk space. It saved the game, but the save was corrupted. Loading the save crashed the game. Mousing over the save crashed the game. Loading a different save? crashed the game.

Oh, happy Easter.

I’ve cancelled my City of Heroes Europe account and gone back to CoH US servers, on the basis that even at UK evening time there are more clueful people around.

Still working on Super Secret Project One, which has been rewritten slightly to use the Yahoo Developer AJAX stuff, which is really quite cool. It hasn’t got much beyond a design, an idea and a “New User” screen, but I’m working on that.

Also: Working over holidays bad. Need to do less of that.

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