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So, Life Continues Apace.

Currently working on various things for various people (Edited 2006/02, since links to the various companys we work for was causing me to be found by company’s clients) as well. Development on Aquaintances2 has moved over to TRAC, which has necessitated me learning Subversion (That’s the new home for Epistula and AqWiki development too, and they’ll get TRAC installs soon)

In less code-related developments, I still need to learn to drive so that I have more time to… er… code.

I went to a wedding on Thursday between two of our directors. Thursday is an unnecessarily cruel day for a wedding, as it meant that I was working on friday with a hangover. The beer was good, though, and the wedding was fun, and the happy couple were very happy.

A side effect of talking at the wedding was the discovery that we have the componant parts of a band within the office, which may or may not end up being ever mentioned again. Until the next time we see a live band and go though the “I wanna be in a band” reaction.

Boots have expanded their “Meal Deal” thing to include the Sushi. The sushi is 2.90 on its own, or 3 with a drink and a something-else. This is Dangerous, so I pass it on in a spirit of helpfulness.

Off to play games shortly. Here endath the actual update.

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