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Okay, having reached the point of lack of emotion-drain when I’m about to say stupid things simply because I don’t realise they will hurt me. Or others. I decided to go for a bit of Recovery.

This involved, in order:

Not Cooking Pancakes

Because I can also be contrary 🙂

Watching the film of Inspector Gadget

Which (contary to populer opinion, it seems) is *not* *bad*. Yes, Penny is Cute beyond Cute. Yes, Claw’s face should never have been seen. Ever. and Yes, the ending has a major problem (Which I won’t divulge, because it’s a spoiler. Actually, yes I will. Click here if interested :-). This item, and the next item, are considerably more complex than you may think, since in order to do this I had to join Blockbuster. At 14:30 I catch the campus bus which stops both outside my door and, 15 minutes later, outside Blockbuster. At 14:15 I enter Blockbuster, and ask what I need to join. “Something with your address” she said, “And something with your signiture”. Kay. I had my student ID, and I had my phone bill for this eventuallity. Except I didn’t have my phone bill, I had a final red reminder for it, because that’s all I could find..

Except I didn’t because it was sitting on my chest of drawers in my flat. So I walked home, which took half an hour. So at 15:30 I caught the *same* bus, same driver, to the same place, and got the membership and videos. *sigh*

Watched Hercules

Yes, both animated Disney animations. So I’m a sucker for fantasy, tell me tomething new 🙂

Actually I like Hercules, simply because of the fact that Disney made *every* animation look “Greek” with Curliques, and spirals in everything. Which I find cool 🙂

I still don’t like that Disney “Classic” DVD’s refuse to include special features. (Although Tarzan had specials)


Because it’s fun.

And that was almost my entire day 🙂

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