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Old Computers

These no longer exist, or have been upgraded out of existance


Religon: 	Duel Booting Win98SE/Slackware 8
Processor: 	Duron 750
Memory: 	256mb
Drives: 	1x4gb: [ / | /var ]
		20gb:  [ Boink, 2gb (C:) | Oiff, 18gb (D:) ]
		40gb [ Squeak (E:) ]
		sacrifice:/home/na (via Samba) [ (h:) ]
Other:		Scanner, SBLive, Geforce2, Rio600,
		Zip100 USB, 17" Monitor, SMC nic, DVD drive

My main work box, mostly lives in Windows (Where it’s known as Delirium), but occasionally booted to Slackware (With a hostname of Delight). Usually runs Debian Unstable, but I’m trying out new OS’s. Mostly used for games, code, and IRC.


Religon: 	Debian Woody
Processor: 	Celeron 333
Memory: 	97mb
Drives: 	1x6gb  [ / (4gb) | /var (2gb) ]
		1x19gb [ /home (19gb) ]
Other:		nic, 14" Monitor

The server, runs irc proxy; mail, news, samba, and web server, and more. It also works as the central file store for my network. Also used to be a firewall and web proxy until I got..


Religon: 	IP Cop
Processor: 	Pentium 133
Memory: 	97mb
Drives: 	1x6gb  [ / (4gb) | /var (2gb) ]
		1x19gb [ /home (19gb) ]
Other:		nic, 14" Monitor

It’s a firewall running IP Cop and doing DHCP duties. Nothing terribly special.

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