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Eventually, I’ve got around to revising my desktop rig, as happens every couple of years. The new machine is called Thundersnow. The key requirements were the three monitor setup and a CPU revision, but the upgrade to 16gb memory and a decent sized SSD was also nice. Full specs at that link.

Annoyingly, I can’t play games across all three monitors, since AMD’s Eyefinity tech refuses to support monitors with different resolutions. Eyefinity 2.0, which was released a couple of months ago, does support that but appears only to work with 7000-series cards, which being the current high-end are over what I was budgeting. Plus, I didn’t even find out about Eyefinity 2.0 until I tried to make the above work properly. Apparently some stuff rom Eyefinity 2 “might” make its way back to older cards, but I’m not holding my breath. Maybe in a few months another upgrade, then. Actually “Refuses to support” is a little strong. If I change the monitors to a common resolution and orientation, it’ll work, but any res that works on the wings looks like stretched-lego on the centre, and I’d rather my games look awesome on the middle monitor than awful across the entire world.

The background across all three is “Ambiguitas” by taenaron on deviantart.

The biggest problem with that image, though, is that it reflects that my teacup is empty. I should fix that now.

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