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Okay, I’ve upgraded Klide. It’s still untested code, but that’s what you lot are here for 🙂

First, the most obvious bit. The Comments. You can now add comments to any diary entry, both public and private entries (With support in the code to comment on *anything* in the Klind Database, this will be nodes, links, and – and here is the fun bit – other notes. Thus I can have a threaded commenting model, to have arguments in code. Fun 🙂

All comments are currently flat only, I haven’t worked out how to make the interface deal with multiple text boxes neatly (A box like currently exists below the system below every comment would look *horribly* messy, you see.

I point out for referance that the new K3 system has *no* admin features at all atm. I haven’t changed the database format from 1.2, however, so I’m writing entries from the old interface on a differant server. I *must* write that interface…

The upshot to this is that I have no easy method to read private notes atm, so if you post them, I may not reply as quickly.

The other bit is behind the scenes. Klide now can display seperate entries (http://www.aquarionics.com/?id=200, for example, goes to entry number 200); it can display all the entries *since* a date (for example, http://www.aquarionics.com/?since=2001-09-11 is everything since Sept 11th) and *also* the last x entries (http://www.aquarionics.com/?limit=3 is the last 3, for example) complete with comments. The ability to turn off comments is coming. Promise :-). Also, the system now has a text-mode (http://www.aquarionics.com?style=text) for those in Non-CSS compliant browsers. So Comment. Have Fun. Speak 🙂

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