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Today has not been, in any way, shape, form nor method, fun.

I began today by dreaming of how today could go, of ways things /could/ be worse.

I woke up this morning, and went to a funeral. I learnt more about my great uncle’s life in death than I ever knew of him in life.

The day was freezing. The kind of perfectly crisp, totally clear, and absolutly cold day where the wind goes right though you that English Winters throw upon us from time to time. The perfect day for a funeral, in fact. It wouldn’t seem right to do it in blazing sunshine.

Fighting off depression is a fun experience at the best of times, and a funeral is good for it. Seriously. Nothing convinces you that you really should make the most of what you’ve got like sitting in a cold church singing hymns.

I still felt like an outsider. As I listened to the minister quoting passages and giving us the potted biography, I realised that most of the people there with me belived everything she said, and how much of a comfort those words were to those who were grieving. And so was I. Another member of my family I will never know.

We went home. I hacked around a bit at my audiogalaxy monitoring system, and waited while my main box defragmented.

I fielded a call from my little brother’s school, he wasn’t in lessons. I passed it on. After school was over, he came home, I fielded another phone call, and asked what happened.

Mucked around in class, was told off, worked hard for the rest of the lesson, was hit by small girl. For this he got a tick on the blackboard. Asked why he had the tick, and got second tick. Instant Detention, just add water. Didn’t go to detention, last lesson was to be the same teacher as the one who had given him detention, so he didn’t turn up.


Fun day.

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