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In much the same way that dancing around the high street naked will probably filter back to your co-workers, you should realise that anything you say on your public weblog will also possibly get back to them.

So, don’t do stupid things. If you do stupid things, apologise, find out exactly what you did that was stupid, and move on.

Google isn’t helpful in this. Within two weeks of my accepting the job with Evolving Media, my category of the same name was in the top five matches for the phrase on Google. This means that a client of the company googling for our past works will probably stumble upon this little rock in the ocean.

So, a couple of entries on here have been edited at the company’s request, and I’m considering a few things I’ve been looking at for a while, like blocking access to diary entries more than six months old (Articles stay, that’s the point). I’ve also added the disclaimer to the end of the site.

I’m also saving all my rants about what we’re doing until I can formulate them into an impartial essay on the relative benifits of technology over other technology, rather than “ARGH! $FOO SUCKS GOATS THOUGH FINE GAUZE!”, which would be roughly my current thing.

So, with little time to do anything but work (I’m passing taking my driving theory test on Monday, the next step in a long road that will lead – eventually – to driving down roads instead of taking steps down them) and censoring myself from everything I _am_ doing, this thing’s looking a little sparse.

Currently, however, I’m ill, spending time in bed feeling sorry for myself (and attempting to work) and attempting to start a movement to start the entire millenium again.

So, with no time and no energy, I’ve done the only logical thing.

I’ve started a new project, more creative than most of the recent ones. See how long this one lasts…

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