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(As promised yesterday)

Too hot to do anything, much, so lack of blogging happens. Sorry.

Actually, there’s a lot I could say, from rants on cargo-cult programming, the weird flaming hoops you have to leap though to get funding in London, and the reasons why my job has achived stablity while the location of my workplace is in a state of flux.

However, unless you have access to (My workblog, accessable only if you’re me or otherwise are inside the BrowserAngel internal network) you can’t know any of that. My aim is that in a few years I’ll be able to declassify the archives and you can see the various bits of hell I subject myself to.

I could go on a rant about the latest “Games are evil” debate, but since it boils down to “It was an 18 rated game, he was 17, he should have been near it”, I haven’t bothered.

Hot town. Summer in the city. It really is like a furnace out there, you step out of air-conditioned coolness into the white heat of a burning sun. London stops, because it’s too hot. Then it rains and the city floods and mean that the next day it takes two hours to get from LKX to Acton.

Then we have the bit where I have to build Rome in three months. Fortunatly, I can redefine Rome.

What else? Oh, Play.com remains evil, causing me to spend money. Actually, I just ended up putting Doom3, Sims 2 and Half-Life2 on preorder. So lots of money, but spread out over two months. Which is good, because I have a convention to go to later this month.

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