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Cryptic Studios have finally announced their rumoured Neverwinter Nights game, and though it doesn’t appear to be an MMO (Odd not only because that was the rumour, but because Cryptic’s game history is City of Heroes, Champions Online and Star Trek Online)

Also interesting, though, is that the new game is based on the D&D 4th Edition ruleset, which is roughly what happens if you apply a computer-game cooldown-style mechanic on an RPG game. It would be interesting to see a cRPG with the “At will”/”Per Encounter”/”Daily” mechanic.

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  1. “Neverwinter features co-operative multiplayer in an ever-evolving, persistent world where Dungeons & Dragons adventurers quest alongside thousands of other warriors, rogues, wizards and faithful avengers.”
    Doesn’t that suggest it [i]will[/i] be an MMO?
    I would prefer it not to be actually.

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