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It would be fair to say that I am not an expert on Love.

I’m in love, but that doesn’t make me an expert in it any more than being insured on someone else’s car makes me president of Ford. I am a user, a victim, of the evil four letter word, but not someone qualified to say things like this:

There are always people to take things to flippantly. In the same way there are people who take things too seriously. Love is an awfully strong word to bandy about randomly, but there aren’t enough words between “friend” and “Love” to describe them. Of course, there is the thing of being both. You can be friends but not in love with each other, you can also (although most cases I’ve seen – and/or been in – this don’t actually work) be in love with someone before you are friends with them. Worst of all, maybe, are the star-crossed lovers. The ones the that love is unreciprocated. Love is a strange, wonderful, and terrible thing.

LoneCat was my friend for a while before she was my Significant Other, and I belive strongly that the most important part of the relationship is the friendship underneath it. This is a lecture, and I’m sorry for it, but the point of it is this: If (and fate forbid this could happen) *If* I could see me and Lonecat drifting *out* of love, I would far rather keep her friendship than drag out a relationship that could see us hating each other for ever.

Recently, some people have been worrying about my judgement over this day, and whether I will misjudge my wonderful SO enough to actually make a big deal out of it. I usually find Valentine’s day depressing enough to spend it locked away in my flat/room writing bad poetry. This year is different, but not quite so different as to make me ignore the fact that my SO hates the date almost as much as I do. Thus no spectacular redesigns with hearts and cupids, nor epic pieces of poetry. Not so much as a new story, even. (The one I’m working on is about entrapment. Not a valentines thing, traditionally). Just another diary entry, on another day, and me counting down to the weekend, when I get to see my Girlfriend again.

Have a pleasant day, flocks

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