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Merry Fucking Christmas.

I’m sorry, I’m currently unable to see the point.

Why do I write stories? Well, because I enjoy them. I like writing them, I like bending words into scan with nothing but the tools of my mind.

So why do I share them? So that other people who see them might like them.

So why do I let people read half-finished stories? So that they can comment on them, and tell me what they think so far, So I can change bits that other people think would work better some other way. And do I do this blindly? hoping someone will find that meaning within the posting?

No, I head the message with “This is a request for feedback, because I’d like people to say what they think, while there is still time for it to change direction.” and wait a few weeks while more messages stream by the server.

I am aware the rest of the world have lives to live, So I ignored the silence (Not a post, not a follow up, not a reply, not a single mention from anybody in any way, shape, or form that anyone had even read the fucking thing) for a few weeks and got on with my life.

So I give up. That was my last eddings fanfic. I have deleted the files, including all the next five chapters.

I don’t see the point, anymore.

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