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Yeahey! Return of the Net. Now I have… four hours to finish my assignment…
I think I may have found an excuse. After all, I have only been waiting four hours for the network to get back, on top of the last few days.
It’s hard. Last night I was working on the next part of Worlds Apart and I got to the point I have been dreading since I started. The story arc I designed six months ago calls of the death of one of the main charectors. Part of the main party. Destroying the charetor I have spent the last two years working on in various forms was one of the most difficult pieces of writing I could do. And I’m not – and probably won’t ever be – 100% happy with the words.
I’m not telling you who, coz I may decide not to kill him (Which will involve a substantial rewrite of the plot, but hey) and suspense is, as the producers of Dallas once said, good for the ratings.

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