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Busy week

Okay, right now I am unemployed. My final day at Evolving was friday. They bought me leaving presents, and beer, and we went for a drink and I will, to a large extent, miss the company and all the people in it, it’s been part of my life for a couple of years, will remain my longest continuous employment period until I’m 28 at the very least, and is a decent place. They’re looking for PHP coders, incidentally, so if you speak PHP and are willing to travel to the darkest depths of Bedfordshire, send a CV (either to them, or to me and I’ll pass it on).

But I’ve left, which took – as you may have noted – quite a while. This may mean I’ve got some time to dedicate to the site. But don’t count on it, I’ve still got NWN2 to complete.

I wandered down to London on a visiting kick on Saturday, spent an entertaining evening with Sian, flatmates & guests talking, playing pool (I’m now a member of a Pool hall in E17. E17 and Sunderland, in fact. Linked by the fact I live nowhere near either, but I digress) and watching “The 40 Year Old Virgin”, a film I liked quite a lot more than I was expecting to. Wandered over to another friend’s house Sunday morning to, in part, steal his Wii for a little while and use it to play Super Monkey-Ball, which I’d also got as a leaving gift.

Ten hours later, we stopped.

Okay, so there was food part-way though that, but still. Ten hours. It’s a very more-ish game, you’ll spend hours stuck on a single level, and then the “just one more try” – or “just one more level” – thing takes over and you’re absolutely doomed. Do not buy this game if you have something to do this week. Or own a Wii.

I do not own a Wii, for the one that I bought has ceased to exist, along with the shop of the man who sold it to me and the money I paid for it. Now I get to go though Paypal’s complaints procedure. They say the measure of a company is how they treat you when you’re complaining, and now I get to see it from this end.

On a slightly happier note, I stayed over with the Wii owning ccooke and ruthi overnight, and the next morning got a phone call asking if I would mind popping in to ccooke’s company for an interview on my way back home. So, at about an hour’s notice, I’m in the offices of a startup in Kings Cross – entirely unrelated to the last one – interviewing for the job of Web Dev. Woo.

I went home, did little for a while, and got two phone calls. The first was from the company who I was interviewing with, asking for a second interview the next – ie, today. The second, and literally seconds after I put the phone down, was an exclaimitory web based company, asking if I would go to an interview on Wednesday.

At this rate I’ll never get any time to enjoy my unemployment 😐

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