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yesterday, when this couldn’t be posted 🙂
One wire, that’s all it takes to change “Networking” to “Notworking”.

For obscure reasons too complex to reveal here (Ie, I dunno, the techies dunno, and janet dunno either) the entire Internet (with the exception of other universities the Local Network and, for some odd reason Google‘s homepage (but not it’s search engine) is dead. Either:

  1. The entire internet has crashed and Sunderland (and Google) are the only things to remain,
  2. The USA (except Google) has been nuked and the BBC hasn’t mentioned it, or
  3. Somebody somewhere has tripped over a cable and disconnected Janet‘s transatlantic backbone (Janet being the Joint Academic NETwork, our “ISP”).
  4. Oh yeah, and they havn’t told anyone yet, coz Janet’s outages site says nought.


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