Dark Light

I got bored of lack of colour, spartan design, and especially grey.

It isn’t perfect, but it’ll do until I invest some more time in it…

I’m not sure what’s causing the weird gaps in the left image in IE and Safari, but in Safari it appears to vanish with a reload, which is weirdness.

Back to a reasonably standard three column layout with the big banner over the top, though the left nav is a bit prettier than my usual fare, I’m not sure it looks enough like navigation. I may underline the words as a better visual hint.

…yeah, the About links aren’t properly done yet, holistic is down for a little while due to the host shuffle. The little blank grey bar on the front page (local navigation on all other pages) will eventually become a linklog feed, once I get around to implementing it. I’m not entirely happy about Pictures going off-site either, so that may become a link to a magical ajaxy world that pulls in the latest images.

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