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Look, photoset:

(Aquarionics Gallery System 2.0 coming soon. Photoset icons being one of the things already working.)

As I am updating Twitter more often than anything else right now, I’ve put a feed of Twitter onto the front page. Front page is now notably a different data-set to the generic feed, as the latter doesn’t contain twitters. I’m moving slowly to turning the frontpage into a lifestream, but currently adding modules to Epistula is not quite as easy as it should be (I made two shortcuts when building the architecture which are now biting me in the arse five years later (Yeah, Bits of Epistula are five. Not sure if I have more than two readers left from when I did that)).

As far as actual content goes, though. Look to the stars.

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Okay, So that would be definitions of “Tonight” that match Thursday,. Well, they share one of the same…


People who don’t read Aquarionics in some kind of Aggregator will probably notice that as of this morning…