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Whilst other people may be listening to the queens speech, watching Bond Films, playing with presents or stuffing turkeys, I was being industrious. Abnormal for me, I realise. Anyway, I have finally written the Comments interface for [E]2, and thus is the empire forged on a solid block of truth, justice, and people making comments in little blue boxes.

The main new thing about the new comments system is something I haven’t done yet, which is tied in with the new user system. Basically, registered users will be able to attach events to comments, such as an event to send an email when you get a reply, or an XML-RPC ping, or a Pingback ping, or something. Also, comments will trigger pingback pings as well as diary entries. Well, they will when I do the crossreferencing stuff properly…

Also back is the various RSS, RSS2 and ESF feeds, including an RSS feed for comments. These are now sitting in the Meta section for your gaze to fall on. The code for the new commenting system is sitting in src, and in it you can see that I’ve abandoned the generic output templates for forms until I write or find a library to do them as I want to. Comments on obvious holes in the system, or anything else for that matter, are welcome 🙂

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