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Some modifications to my blogroll system. The old blogroll was hopelessly out of date. The new one (Which you can get by clicking “Toggle Blogroll” on the front page, right side) is generated on the fly from Aquaintances’ list of subscribed blogs (Actually, from the ‘ukblogs’, ‘geek’ and ‘people’ categories of it. Aquaintances is, as you may remember, my personal RSS reader).

This required something of a rewrite of Aquaintances’ file format (So that it stores the URL of the website as well), which means that the new version will break old configs. Not that anyone beyond me and LoneCat are using it, but hey. When I’ve done the two outstanding major fixes (Supporting last-modified (it does ETags, but not L-M) I’ll give it a proper release, until then the code lives online in The Projects Section

The new Blogroll doesn’t currently support the few websites I read that don’t do RSS (Anna Pickard, Melissa, Murky, Kieron, Adrian, LondonMark & Andrew Swann), of which I will continue on my occasional quest to get Mark & Adrian to use something better, probably design a screen-scraper for Murky’s, hope Blogger gives RSS to free users for the rest 🙂

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