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Exactly one year ago, I was Hacking Winamp and eating Pizza in Cambridge. Exactly two years ago, I discovered I wasn’t the complete and total fuckup I thought I was and passed Uni, Three years ago #eddings suffered another falling apart thing, and four years ago I was mildly looking into the idea of getting one of these “Domain” thingies.

Today, I hacked RSS support into the Great Mysterious Work Project, hacked AqWiki calendar support a bit more (Code reuse in action. The calendar generator in AqWiki is mostly the same as the one that generates the Epistula archives, which was lifted from the NSD archives, which in turn was originally coded for the first draft of Project Nomical) and left work in Kings Cross at 18:00

I got home at twenty to nine. Train was delayed an hour whilst not one, but two trains were broken down in front of it. Gah.

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