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Our season of redesigns continues here on Aquarionics dot com with this blatant thef… I mean, homage to iStyle. Coming up later: Making the entry and menu boxes (centre and right) not stand out quite as much.

For the reflections, I’m using a custom solution for two reasons. One, it’s been ages since I mucked around with GD, and two, the Jacascript Reflection Library doesn’t work on backgrounds and didn’t like how I was doing the Flickr gallery to the right. On the other hand, I now have a PHP page which spits out reflected versions of whatever files you put into the query string. You have about two days before I fix the thing so it only works with images on my domain. At that point I’ll release the houn… code.

The fact that this mad rush of development and design has happened shortly after I started doing the Brain Training thing on my new DS is entirely coincidental.

I think.

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