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People who don’t read Aquarionics in some kind of Aggregator will probably notice that as of this morning the main body of text is either a lot more, or a lot less readable. This is because I’ve removed all font definitions from the stylesheet, leaving the site rendered in whatever font is your default.

This means that IE users are stuck in Ariel by default, which is a deeply horrible font, and I’d recommend you change them. Fx seems to default to ‘Trebuchet MS’ which I like for titles (Hell, Aquarionics’ logo has been variations on Trebuchet for ages) but dislike the normal-sized renderings of (Though I like the tail on the lower-case G, and the h & e are nice).

My personal settings for fonts are as follows:

  • Serif: Bitstream Vera Serif
  • Sans-Serif: Bitstream Vera Sans Serif
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