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Apologies for the lack of insightful comment over the last few days, combined stress of possible employment, christmas shopping, bills, cheques failing to clear, paying for food and general all-inclusive stress have conspired to stop me from doing anything very much outside getting stressed and attempting to destress again. I didn’t even redesign for christmas, which is a first in the 5 years of running this website in it’s various forms. Rest assured that for January 1st – Aquarionics.com’s third aniversary – something will happen. I may even finish the comments interface 🙂

Eitherway, I wish you a Merry Christmastime whether you celebrate it or not, may you be having a good time. carefully phrased celebrations to you all.

And with any luck, this year I won’t have bought the same thing for my girlfriend as she did for me. Yeah, sickening, isn’t it?

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