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So, Blitzed out of my skull on a caffine high after drinking black coffee, trying to finish this commenting system (Ever had one of those days when even your switch(){} statements don’t parse?) I wandered though my blogroll to calm down a little bit. Via Electrolite via Blong Boing I discovered Real Live Preacher.

Now, there is a comic series called Preacher, to which I bought the fifth book yesterday (Look at that URL a second. This is the Nine Hundred and first entry to the Aquarionics Journal. Okay, so there are only 691 differant entries in here now after taking out Lonecat’s diary and various test and broken entries, but still, nine hundred!) in which a young texan preacher loses his faith and goes off in search of God. Now, because this is a comic he is infested with a supernatrual heavenly/hellish being as well, but the rhythem and flow of the text is scarily similer. Another thing for my blogroll, then.

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