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Since LoneCat and Adrian have both put up lists of “Stuff they are taking to CCDE” (CCDE being the event half the people I know are going to this weekend. We shall be in a field, camping) I decided to put my list up:

Aquarion’s List Of Stuff Wot He Should Take To CCDE:

  • Clothes
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Money
  • Aquarion

    Of course, this is heavily biased to the fact that I’m going with LC, who – as you can see above – is quite prepared enough for the both of us.

    Work is… interesting. For various reasons, I’ve been working alone all week (Either from home or in the office, where the CEO has been out in meetings or just out) and I’ve started the coding on The Project. This means that I’ve had to set some precidents about how we’re doing things (Mostly based on how I do things) which is slightly worrying, since I have a feeling I’m going to be recoding everything again. It’s also worrying that I’m the person opening up and locking up, since I’m sure I’m going to walk in one morning and discover I did something really stupid like leave the window open.

    Life Goes On…

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