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As of this morning (About 5am this morning. Who needs sleep when you’re never gonna get it?) Aquarionics’ Journal archives are subject to a rolling blackout. Everything older than three years old doesn’t work anymore.

Currently, that’s just a pithy message. Comments are still displayed, response codes are inaccurate, archive pages are streams of “You can’t see this” messages, all things I intend to fix at some point soon.

This has been a long time coming, and a couple of recent events have made me reconsider the benefits of not having all five and a half years of archives online. They go though some less-than-sane events, and are liable to get me prejudged under certian circumstances (Like any employer who would do that kind of thing, not that I’m looking for work). Plus, a lot of the stuff in there is inaccurate, or doesn’t reflect modern reality, and too many people coming in from Google will automatically assume that because it’s on the web it’s gospel.

Journal entries were – and are – never designed to be timeless. Things I feel should remain around for reference should be Articles. This means that some Journal entries will be turned into Articles over the next few weeks, as I go though the archives looking for things I don’t want to be blacked out. For those, redirects will be in place.

As for the time, I spent a while playing this morning. Originally it was going to be six months, then a year, but both felt too revisionist to live with. Five years seemed right, but would mean that the stuff I want to avoid being judged on stays online, which defeats the object. Three years is the balance.

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