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The announcement is here, the motion has begun. Stuff is well and truly going down.

The Web Action Standards Project DOM Scripting Task Force has been announced (The title is something of a mouthful, but Javascript Cabal is quicker, and WaSP DOM TF is more accurate) and I’m on it, representing the views of people with little time who want big web sites to do cool shit. This means at some point I will do contributory stuff (which is first going to require me getting access to a mail-server that the WaSP mail server hasn’t blocked for being deviantly dynamically IPed) and write articles and stuff, and probably be slightly embarrassed when someone points at a web site that I did (some of) the code for and points out how it’s all been done wrong.

In my defence, part of my reason for being involved in this is that I learnt JS when you were recommended to use document.write() and so I can write articles from the perspective of one who as Seen The New Light, rather than coming out from the darkness.

It’s about doing it right, it’s about doing it so that the users don’t have to notice, and it’s about enhancing the experience of most of your users whilst never ever blocking out the rest of them.

The new age of client side scripting is wandering in. Pay attention at the back.

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