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[11:36] {gilmae} how are we all today?
[11:37] {Aq-Work} Not too bad
[11:38] {Aq-Work} Currently I’m clearing the data off a W2k box so I can reinstall it
[11:38] {gilmae} employed again, i see
[11:38] {Aq-Work} Yeah
[11:38] {Aq-Work} This job would be easier if the main drive wasn’t compressed
[11:38] {Aq-Work} Actually, it’d be easier if the machine had been built after 1998 too
[11:38] {gilmae} why, i ask?
[11:38] {gilmae} wh…ah, that’s why
[11:39] {Senji} Dh000m
[11:39] {Aq-Work} Plus, if it had more than 256mb space left on said drive
[11:39] {Aq-Work} Which is where the (compressed, note) swap would be.
[11:39] {Senji} Have I said Dh0000m yet?
[11:39] {Senji} compressed swap?!
[11:39] {Aq-Work} Oh, and it’s infested with spyware
[11:40] {Aq-Work} Plus, it’s been though two OS upgrades and three companies since it was last installed.
[11:40] * Senji hands Aq a Fuckoff Large Magnet.
[11:41] {Aq-Work} Oh, and every Prettyness enhancer is turned on, from drop shadows to Active Desktop
[11:41] {Aq-Work} s/is/was/, obviously.
[11:41] * gilmae hands Aq a new drive and a bucket of acid
[11:41] {Aq-Work} In fact, with all this, it was apparently completely usable up until last week
[11:41] {Aq-Work} when she installed a security update.

[11:43] {ccooke} so reinstall to the 10g?
[11:43] {Aq-Work} I have to make it usable first so we can drag the accounts data off to the server
[11:44] {Aq-Work} Plus, I only have an XP pro disc, and the chances of this box being able to handle XP are slim to the non-existant.
[11:44] {ccooke} 🙂

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