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Okay, I *am* actually employed. Heisenburg state is over. I’m back at BrowserAngel. One day I hope to be able to explain what the hell went on this week, but right now I’m happy just to be reemployed.

Now to tell the Job Centre where they can put their forms…

Apologies for the lack of entries over the last couple of days, the above has got me somewhat stressed to the point where I wasn’t actually doing anything, let alone anything useful.

Did I mention that though the power of the Information Super Highway, Blogging, and the Spirit Of Cooperation with Open Licencing, two people were able to colaberate (for strange and difuse values thereof) on something which has been valued as being “Quite good?”

When I emailed BB about the completion of the project, and to point the location of the MP3, I said ”[…] release it on an unsuspecting world, so they can ignore it at their leisure, coz it isn’t encoded in XML, written in python and hosted by Google.” I didn’t expect to be quite so accurate.

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