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A query for the networking geeks in the audience…

  • Box A runs Windows XP, it’s an Athlon 2000XP.
  • Box B runs Debian Sarge, It’s an Athlon 1200XP.
  • Box C runs Debian Stable, It’s a Celeron 300mhz.

    Downloading a file from a HTTP server with Box A takes $time

    Downloading the same file with Box B or C (Or similerly sized files from the same server, so no caching) takes $time/3

    Downloading said amount of data from the same server with Box A running though a squid cache server on either B or C also takes $time/3

    All are plugged into the same hub, behind the same router, on the same ASDL.

    Why? And how can I fix this? (Apart from installing Linux on A, which is mostly a games box ATM, and dual boots to Gentoo anyway)

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