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From Troubled Diva via London Mark:

You know you’re a “proper” weblogger when…

You ditch the standard template you grabbed off the shelf when you first started blogging, in favour of a design of your own making
Within seconds of starting my Blogger account way back in 2000, yes.
You start caring about what happens in The Bloggies
yes, Though that one and out the other side. I no longer care again.
You get listed on Daypop or Blogdex
yes, see Meme Creation thing below
You discover that you’re in the Google Top Ten for something completely unlikely and unintended, which generates loads of hits
Yes. Number two hit for “Fuckwit” before most of these new bloggers had even started.
People start leaving you sneery, snarky, anonymous comments
No. Not as yet, anyway.
You purchase your own domain name
Er, yeah, but that was before I was a blogger
You migrate from Blogger to Movable Type
Sort of. Migrated away from Blogger before MT was even released.
You start a “meme” (ahem).
Yeah, the ESF thing probably counts
You stop participating in “memes” (ahem) and online personality quizzes (as well as re-posting chain e-mail “funnies”), because you’re above all that now
I no longer take quite as many tests, and they have their own seperate page now anyway.
You string loads of other weblog names together in the middle of a post, in one great long list of linky-love
Not my style, doll. Apart from the UK Blogs Meet
You start dropping cute little in-jokes into the main body of your posts, which only a tiny handful of other webloggers will understand
I don’t think I do this. Do I do this?
You attend a Blogmeet
You make a submission to the Mirror Project
Not yet
You register your site with Blogdex, Daypop, Popdex, Technorati, Blogtree, Blogstreet, Blogwise, the Ageless Project, the Eatonweb Portal, GeoURL, Is My Blog Hot Or Not?, the UK Weblogs list
Some of the above.
You set up an RSS feed
Yeah, and define a better syndication format while I’m at it.
You start saying things like: actually, I’ve started to find the whole terminology surrounding so-called “blogging” so limiting these days, because you know, I don’t really feel that I fit the definition of a “blogger” any more, and couldn’t we all start to move away from these wholly arbitrary restrictions, because I suppose that if anything, I would consider myself more of a “personal publisher”, but even then I feel
It’s a journal, some of it is diary, some of it is more classic weblog. Stop it with the bloody monochromatics, people! We are allowed to fit into more than one pigeon-hole.

If that’s what makes a “proper” weblog, then I think I’ll stay improper, thanks.

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