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Not really dead, just resting. I’ve temporarily solved my Linux Text Editor problem at the same time as my “Argh, my computer isn’t networked anymore, I can’t play with AqCom” problem in one fell swoop by installing Apache 2, PHP 4 and mySQL 4 onto maelstrom, my desktop. Then backtracking to mySQL 3 when 4 segfaulted whenever there was more than one line in a query. Gah.

This was done precisely in time for me to get a returned phone call from the letting agency back in Cambs which means I’m returning home tomorrow morning. Gah again.

So, in between plotting dastardly revenge in a story, finally writing another short story (which will appear here once I either get the patience to rebuff those who will tell me that the main charector is secretly me, or completely rewrite the plot. Expect nothing soon) and catching up on the new additions to my parents’ DVD collection, I’ve done a spot of code.

My home (as in “Start”) page is this one here. You’ll notice a similarity of design between it and the last iteration of Aqcom. Or you may not. Anyway, it consists of my daily cartoon intake down the left, all the blogs on my blogroll that have updated in the last week sorted by date updated, and the centre bar of useful links. Under that on your first visit will be nothing, but set a cookie. On your second visit, it’ll show you all the weblogs updated between your last visit and now.

This is fine for times like now, when I’m only checking weblogs a couple of times a day due to it being my dad’s computer, but when I get home I’ll have to rewrite it, because if you check more than once in one hour, you’ll miss all the weblogs updated in that time-period (because the blo.gs file is slightly behind). This will probably change to setting a cookie for the last blo.gs list you saw, instead of the last time you reloaded, but that’s another day’s job.

But the thing, the really truly great example of my life is that when I finally get around to implimenting a textile-like system which will format quotes in comments better than the ones in the entries than DaveDean Allen releases the source. My only problem now is the fact that as a homage, the include file for my textile-like system is called “textile.inc” – as is DaveDean ‘s – and the function to format the text is *also* textile(), again as is DaveDean ‘s, so in order to put it into Epistula like I want to, I’m going to have to go though the comment preview, check and display code and rewrite stuff. Thrice Gah.

And he released Textpattern Beta 1Textpattern Beta 1 which I’m going to have to play with now.

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