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Time to move house.

Decision made. The thing I came down here to ponder and decide upon has now been made, you heard it here first. I might be able to survive March in Cambridge, if I can borrow money to pay the rent, but it’s just too fucking expensive to stay there without selling body parts longer than that. I have to get out of Cambridge, there is no longer any way I can stay there.

One day, I’ll move back.

There. Said it. You heard it here first (Before either parents, girlfriend nor other-housemate. Might regret that later, but still…)

Moving to Cambridge was the first time I’d managed to suceed in a goal I set myself. I failed to get the qualifications I wanted, I failed everything else I set. Moving to Cambridge redeemed quite a bit of the self-esteem I lost. To allow myself to admit that that’s fucked as well took a lot of effort.

I’ll be back home on Friday/Saturday, with any luck.

Now what?

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