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Cenedra wasnt happy.
The entire room had been oak panelled at some point in its life. Cenedras heritage meant that she had an objection to oak panelling, but this was not the centre of her displeasure.
“All Rise” said a small man in glasses.
The entire room rose to their feet as a man in flowing red robes swept into the room. The Tolnedran climbed a dais and sat behind a desk Cenedra couldnt help but notice was also made of polished oak. Beside the Rivan Queen a figure sat watching the proceedings. The green cloak coupled with the heptagon that fastened it together marked the man as one seventh of the Dalisan Researchers Guild, The man was at most Tolnedran events, being the guilds reporter for that district. Nobody was quite sure how he knew where things were going to happen in time to be there for them, and he didnt mention it. At the top of the notepad in front of him were written the words:
“Day 2 of the trial, and the Accusing Council has its turn to speak. The idea of the most recent Tolnedran Empire to delegate some of the more trivial of the courts business to other parties was a controversial one, although it seems to be working. But not as controversial as his Imperial Majastys permission not to preside over this particular problem, citing “Personal Involvement.” The system as”
Cenedra was forced to stop reading because the Accusing Council started to speak “For my first opinion I call Belgarion, King of Riva, Overlord of the West and Godslayer” he said.
There was a murmur of awe as Garion entered in full regal splendour. As much as he hated it, Cenedra considered, it did make him look very impressive.
As he stood in front of the court, the judge asked him: “Do you swear on the sprits of the gods to tell the truth”
“Yes” said the King
“King Belgarion,” Asked the accusing council “will you describe the events leading upto your appearance today please”
“Of course” began the king

A few days ago

High summer was not a regular occurrence in Riva. Even less than in other places. The only time it ever got hot and sunny was on average once every decade, and then only for a few weeks. The hot weather was bringing whole new problems for King Belgarion as he held court.
“You have to do something your Majesty” his cook said “The entire kitchen is being overrun by them, the little vermin are eating everything they can. Nothing with suger in it is safe! Every night they swarm out over the food. In a couple more weeks of this and there will hardly be any food left!” continued the hot, cross cook.
“I will see what I can do” said the young king.
The next day a tall Drasnian walked into the room, an odd occurrence by itself for they were not the tallest of races, but this one announced himself as
“Khamlin, Pest Remover, Your kingdoms plight reached words to my bosses in Tolnedra and I have come to assist” he said, bowing low.
Garion was impressed.
“Your fees?” he asked
Khamlin named a sum
Garion named half that sum
Khamlin expressed his shock at this, and Garions lack of respect for his wife and children, and named a second sum, slightly below the first.
Garion pointed out his own abilities as a sorcerer and named his second sum, slightly above the first.
After that it descended into finger waggling, and soon after Garion emerged with his purse lighter but still triumphant. Khamlin looked slightly shocked as they shook on the deal.
“Youre good. Where did you learn to work like that?” he asked
“Your not so bad yourself, and I had a good teacher”
“Anyone Im likely to have heard of?” asked the Pest remover
“Prince Kheldar” replied Garion. Khamlin balked
“That would explain it. My card” Khamlin handed Belgarion a piece of paper with an address in Tol Borune on it.
“When will you be finished” asked Belgarion
“I will do the extermination tomorrow morning”
“Do you need any assistance?”
“No, Thank you, your Majesty”
“I will set up some quarters for you for tonight in the guest wing”
“Thank you again, your Majesty. There is one thing though. I will need free run of the place”
“It is done” Belgarion spoke to one of the guards in the throne room.
They shook ands and Khamlin went to his quarters.
The next morning the palace was in uproar. The Ants had devoured more food, and Khamlin was nowhere to be found.
Belgarion went bird down to Tol Borune to discuss this with his employers and a few days later they were all in the court room for the start of the case, Belgarion having agreed to abide by the ruling of the judge.
“All Rise” said the man in glasses as the judge entered on the first day.
“Case number 24, Garion verses the Ant People. Defence to begin”

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