Dark Light

At the end of nine, I gave up, and tried to write the end and death of the character Aquarion. I never went back to it, and the story died.

“Give me the stone” asked Jascain calmly
“No! It’s Mine. I found it” shreiked the Researcher
“You stole it” observed Jascain
“I FOUND it!” protested Aquarion
“You won’t give it to me?”
“Not while I have breath. Theif”
Jascain sighed.
“If it must be. I didn’t want to do this”
Your not going to..? Krys’ voice floated though his mind
Not yet
Jascain concenrtrated on the stone, muttering under his breath with the words of a scroll that had never entered his world. The words had been taught by Milamber all those months ago, and in responce the stone rose haltingly out of the hands of the Researcher of Kell. He floundered to get it, but Jascain moved the stone out of his reach. Once his will faltered and the stone dropped to the floor
“Mine” shouted Aquarion as he launched himself at it.
Jascain always remembered the next moment in slow motion. The power he focused to raise the stone out of the way of his tutors grasp. Aquarion’s scream as he realised that he couldn’t stop his relentless slide across the smooth floor of the Hall of Worlds.
The way the scream faded as he entered the dull grey gap between the swirling mists of the portals and Aquarion Kael Da’Blue of the Researcher’s Guild was lost forever in the void between universes.

A number of gold coins saw the pair guided back to Honest Johns, and they sat at a table gazing at the scroll Aquarion had gave them. Jascain cracked the seal, inside were three letters and an object. The first was addressed to the Dalsian Council:

“If this document is opened, it means that misadventure has caused my departure or death on a permenant level. By this doucment I, as dictated by Code, name my sucessor. The sucessor I name is Jascain of the Blue. Thus I complete my service to the universe.
Aquarion Kael De’Blue”

The document was signed and sealed. The second was for Jascain himself:

“You have probably read the other notes, and may be suprised. The document is a copy of the one in the Library back home, filed an hour before we met. The Guild needs a new style of member, and I think you are it, and if you still have the Portal Gem, you can do my job better than I could ever do. Even if you don’t, you have the experiance to write essays the world probably isn’t ready for.
Secondly, The other note is the entire reason for your quest. There is a sect in The Circle who are against history, Beliving that Cyradis decided was the exact opposite of the Right. I don’t know what they plan to do, but it involves the stone somehow.

I can’t keep writing this. I have to find the stone soon. You don’t, can’t understand. I’ve got to find it soon, I can hear it calling me. I think that last sentance means that my medication is fading again. Before I end, I say this: talk to Krydis. Something bothers me about her story.


Don’t know what that means. I just hope that I have a moment lucid enough to give this to you. I can’t last long, I fear.

Find the sect. Find the Feenixa. Find the Gods Crossing.”

Aquarion’s signiture was decidely scratchy at the end of the letter.

The third note was a message: “The brats have gone. Begin stage two”

as Jascain and Krydis reached the end of the three pages, Jascain picked up the object, it was a broach, a blue seven sided polygon with a stylized rainbow in the centre. Aquarion’s seal.

Jascain pinned the broach to his doublet, and they sat in silence for a few moments, wondering what in the name of anything they had been dumped into, out of their depth, out of their world, and with no god to pray to.

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