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Today I learnt that I don’t hate Java, I hate what Java used to be.

I learnt that sitting though three hours of lectures recognising one acronym in three is not a phemomenon unique to university.

I learnt that SAP makes people rich because it’s so mind-numbingly boring.

I learnt that it can take three hours to get home from London, and that this is a natural concequence of skipping out early.

I learnt that the Hilton Metropole Hotel is rather nifty.

I learnt that paying 300% normal cost for a cup of coffee does not make it taste any better.

I learnt that not only does there exist in the world an electric Ukulele, but also a man who is able to play “I can see clearly now (The rain has gone)” upon it.

I learnt that if you pay said person enough money, he will eventually go away.

Today, I learnt Valuable Lessons.

Also, I got a nifty pen.

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