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Hello November.

November is a time of the leaves drifting from the trees; of the colours of autumn washing out to the starkness of winter; of cold, rainy winds and bright, brittle sunshine.

It’s also the traditional months of National Novel Writing month (NaNoWriMo, write a novel in a month), the less-demanding National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo, write a blog post every day for a month), the even less demanding – on the presumption it’s possible for you – Movember (Grow a ‘tashe in a month) and a few others. It’s a time to regain your position on the tracks after the washout that was October. It has greatness, stuff will happen. It will be a Glorious November, One To Remember!

Even Guy Fawkes wanted to start the new world order in November.

Obviously, I’m participating in none of this stuff. I’m going to continue with my minor resolution to update this a bit more. I’m on the sniffly, sore throat ramp up to being horribly ill somewhere in the near future unless my immune system kicks in to overdrive, which I’ve managed to time well, since I was off work last week on holiday. If I can successfully get up every morning this month, I shall be happy with my level of success. NaGeUpMo, then. This doesn’t look like it will be particularly hard, since my brain is doing the “You will wake up now” thing at 6am.

It is, like many other things, out to get me.

So I shall sip my white tea (tea I put milk in is bad for sore throats) and watch the sun rise over east London.

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