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If you go to the front page of Aquarionics.com, you will see that my last few twitter updates are included, interspersing the entries between which they came.

If you subscribe to “all.rss”, which is what most people do, you’ll never see them, unless you’re also on the Twitter list. I may take it back further than that, and exclude them from everywhere on this site bar my current twitter status, which is in the about box to your right. Er. Left. Somewhere, anyway. The problem with opening up the CSS of the site is that I’m not entirely sure anymore 🙂

This is why: Twitter status is not something that should be archived, it’s not something you generally want to see all the twitters a person has sent, you just want the latest one. It’s ambient “This is what the people around me are doing” rather than a stream of what they want to talk about. That’s the definition – for me – that divides the tweet from the journal from the Article. Tweets are instant, Journal entries are of their time, Article entries are more timeless (though, obviously, age).

Sam Ruby strips all Tweets from feeds for that reason, and Russel Beattie got a significant backlash when he did it, and I think this is why. Tweets seem to be a more social, rather than publishing, medium; and it’s going to be interesting to see where they eventually fit into the (nrrrrrgh) Blogosphechochamber.

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